Antidoping Switzerland is a foundation under Swiss law. The foundation makes all strategic and operational decisions independently and autonomously. There are service agreements with the Swiss federal government and Swiss Olympic.

Our Principal Activities

  • Testing: Testing forms a significant part of our remit, and we conduct some 2,000 tests per year. These are undertaken by doping control officers who may be accredited either as full time, as either their full-time or part-time profession.
  • Investigations: We foster a network of informants so that we are also able to track down and prove doping using non-analytical, intelligence-led methods. We also support the criminal prosecution authorities in their efforts to identify and prosecute violations of the criminal provisions of the Sport Promotion Act.
  • Training and Communication: Each year, we conduct well over 100 personal training sessions with more than 3,000 athletes and their support staff. In doing this, we provide training and information resources.
  • Applied Research: We collaborate with other organizations in order continuously to develop and enhance the technologies and procedures used to fight doping.
  • International Cooperations: We are active at the international level to harness shared knowledge and synergies and to advance the effectiveness, efficiency, and athlete-friendly nature of the rules of clean sport

Annual Reports

You will find all our Annual Reports in the Download Center.

Our Structure


Executive Bodies of the Foundation

The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is composed of renowned individuals in business, politics, medicine, and sport, and is responsible for determining the strategic focus of Antidoping Switzerland. The members of the Foundation Board are:

  • Corinne Schmidhauser (President), lawyer and mediator, former top athlete, Member of the board of ICAS (International Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS)
  • Jörg Annaheim, Doctor of Laws (representative of the federal government), former Vice President of the Federal Office of Sport, Head of Sporting Policy and Resources;
  • Urs Winkler, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of Swiss Olympic, Principal of the Sport-Gymnasium Davos (SSGD) specialist sports high school;
  • Prof. Jacques Diezi, pharmacologist, University of Lausanne, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology;
  • Prof. Jan-Anders Månson, former Vice President of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, in charge at EPFL for collaboration with Alinghi, Solar Impulse and Hydroptère, President of the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology;
  • Andreas Zuber, Managing Director of AMAG in Bern;
  • Jacqueline de Quattro, member of the Cantonal Council of Vaud, Head of the Department of Planning and the Environment;
  • Dr. Urs Karrer, Winterthur Cantonal Hospital, Chief Physician, Polyclinic. Specialist in internal medicine and infectious diseases FMH.


The operational business of the Foundation is conducted by the staff at Head Office in Bern, who report to the Director.


The auditors review the Foundation's accounting and reporting practices, and its annual financial statements for the financial year just ended.