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Gender equality in language use

For easier readability, gender-specific differentiation such as "he or she" has been omitted. Gender-specific pronouns shall apply in terms of non-discrimination to both genders.

Credits - «Substances and Methods» mobile lesson


Foundation Antidoping Switzerland

Project management

Michael Krattiger, Head Information and Prevention, Antidoping Switzerland

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LerNetz AG – Network for interactive learning media, Bern and Zurich,

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Michael Krattiger, Antidoping Switzerland

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Matthias Kamber, Antidoping Switzerland

Michael Krattiger, Antidoping Switzerland

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Andreas Hieber, LerNetz AG

Iwan Duss, University of Zurich

Silvan Stucki and Dr. Adrien Nyakas, Department of Chemistry, University of Bern (input for Analytics module)

Beat Glogger, Scitec-Media (Gene Doping module)