Boxer banned for 12 months for doping

06.11.2019 - Law

The Swiss Olympic Disciplinary Chamber imposes a 12-month ban on professional boxer Bruno Tavares due to the consumption of cannabis.

On the occasion of a doping test on 10th March 2019 at the contest for the Swiss Professional Championship title in the Light Heavyweight Division in Geneva, Swiss professional boxer Bruno Tavares tested positive for cannabis, a substance prohibited in competition. As a result, at the request of Antidoping Switzerland, the Disciplinary Chamber for Doping Cases (DC) pronounced a provisional ban. In the disciplinary proceedings that were subsequently opened, a twelve-month ban was imposed on the 28 year-old athlete. The ban has applied since 24th May 2019, the start of the provisional ban, and is effective for all types of sport worldwide. In addition, the convicted athlete must agree to pay the costs of testing and analysis and of the proceedings as well as compensation of legal costs to the prevailing party, Antidoping Switzerland, amounting to a total of 2,057.30 Swiss francs.

Antidoping Switzerland wishes to remind all athletes that cannabinoids – including illegal drugs such as cannabis, hashish and marijuana – are prohibited in competition. Evidence of these substances, irrespective of the time or purpose of use, will be judged as a positive sample in a competition test.