Leniency rule means shorter ban and anonymity for athlete

08.01.2018 - Public Relations

An ambitious Swiss amateur sportsman has been sentenced to a four-year ban for a severe doping offence. However, he will serve only a reduced term of just under two years because he helped Antidoping Switzerland to catch and convict another doping offender. According to the Disciplinary Chamber for Doping Cases, the statement of a key witness is one of the few, rare opportunities to identify those abusing the doping rules, thereby justifying a more lenient ban. Antidoping Switzerland is granting the witness in question anonymity, and will not include him on the list of suspended athletes.

Under the leniency rule, an individual convicted of doping may receive a reduced ban if they assist an anti-doping organisation, a criminal prosecution authority or a disciplinary body in a way that is key in exposing a breach of the doping rules by another athlete.

If you know anything, take the opportunity to do your part to ensure clean sport, and talk to us. You can also tip us off anonymously. Either way, we will treat your information as confidential.