Survey of athletes 2017

14.11.2017 - Statistic

Generally good marks for Antidoping Switzerland

In the summer of 2017, 588 Swiss athletes with a mostly high level of performance were asked about their assessment of the fight against doping.

The competitive athletes are clearly opposed to doping and in favor of a tough fight against doping. This confirms the attitude of coaches and the Swiss population from previous surveys. The sportsmen and women regard the fight against doping in Switzerland as exemplary, especially in comparison with the assessment of the international fight against doping. However, a quarter would like to see more tests out of competitions. Interestingly, 76 % of respondents believe that athletes themselves should assume more responsibility in the fight against doping, followed by sports physicians (66 %) and sports associations (58 %).

The quality and safety of the doping controls carried out by Antidoping Switzerland is rated very highly. 95 % are of the opinion that the execution of controls and the result management are very safe or safe.

The athletes give a good testimony to the work of Antidoping Switzerland. According to the athletes' own experience with Antidoping Switzerland, 80 % to 90 % rate the competence, friendliness, accessibility and quality of the information as good to very good.

Summary of study results