Suspended collaboration with IAAF

30.12.2015 - International Cooperation

Antidoping Switzerland discontinues contact with IAAF for the time being

Due to disquieting developments in the past few weeks and months, Antidoping Switzerland has decided for immediate discontinuation of contact as well as suspension of collaborational work with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Reason for this precautional measure to be taken are several reports on the IAAF’s handling concerning their fight against doping; a newspaper account in Le Monde on December 18th 2015, to mention the latest one only. The stated suspension will directly affect the data exchange of Athlete Biological Passports that will no longer be conducted. Whenever the IAAF can be reclassified as being a reliable partner in the fight against doping, Antidoping Switzerland will reestablish contact correspondingly.

The collaboration with the national Athletics Federation, Swiss Athletics, is going perfectly well and will go totally unquestioned in the context of the issues described. Just as well, doping controls will be continued equally unaffected.

Link to the article in «Le Monde» from demembre 18th 2015.