Testing is ensured

13.03.2018 - Info for Athletes

Availability of control material for Antidoping Switzerland is guaranteed

Antidoping Switzerland has taken note of Berlinger Special AG's decision to discontinue the production of doping control material in the medium term. The bodies responsible for combating doping in Switzerland (before the foundation of Antidoping Switzerland, this was the Anti-Doping Commission of Swiss Olympic) have been involved in the development of the control material since the beginning of production by Berlinger Special AG. The control material always met our needs and we had full confidence in the material and the manufacturing company. Accordingly, Antidoping Switzerland regrets the decision of Berlinger Special AG to withdraw from production. All the more so as there are currently no comparable alternative suppliers. For this reason, Antidoping Switzerland has agreed with Berlinger Special AG that at least one year's supply of control material will be assigned to the foundation. In this way, control activities in 2018 are secured and Antidoping Switzerland will be able to meet the control targets agreed with the stakeholders.

For athletes, the integrity of the doping control process was and is guaranteed at all times, as the existing procedures and quality management exclude unnoticed manipulations. Antidoping Switzerland attaches great importance to ensuring the safety of doping samples. If athletes have any concerns of any kind, it is recommended to record them on the doping control form.

Media Release by Berlinger Special AG