For Specialists

Medical and pharmaceutical specialists will find below information on advising athletes and collaborating with Antidoping Switzerland.

Drugs Enquiry Global DRO

The doping status of medicinal products registered in Switzerland should be checked with the Global DRO reference system prior to recommending or prescribing.

Permitted alternatives

If a medication is prohibited in sport, it should first and foremost be clarified whether a permitted alternative treatment can be used.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

Here you can access the rules on TUEs for each sport and testing pool.

Antidoping Switzerland has set application criteria for frequently demanded exemptions (see link above). These criterias define the requirements for the medical dossier to be submitted.

Asthma medication

Beta-2 agonists (S3) and Glucocorticoids are included in the Prohibited List and are therefore prohibited in sport. There are clearly defined permitted exceptions with both groups of substances. The doping status of asthma medication is dependent on the substances contained, the dose and the route of administration: There are prohibited and permitted asthma medications as well as asthma medications which are only permitted up to a certain dosing threshold. These dosing thresholds are detailed in the Global DRO reference system for the relevant products under ‘conditional’.

Publications / Professional Ethics / Guidelines

  • Article: Doctors in the Focus of Doping Prevention; in German and French (C. Herzog, Schweizerische Ärztezeitung, 2019) 
  • FMH code of ethics (German, French), in particular Annex 5, Guidelines applicable for FMH doctors for medical support of athletes (German, French)

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