Dietary Supplements Guide

The Dietary Supplements Guide informs about currently available and promoted supplements in sports. As from June 2016, The Dietary Supplements Guide is to be accessed through the Swiss Sport Nutrition Society. Antidoping Switzerland will continue to act as supporting partner.


Risk of Doping through Supplements

There had been several cases in the past where athletes were suspended from sports because of contaminated supplements containing banned substances. Such doping cases resulting from contaminated supplements have spread an uncertainty regarding the quality of supplements among athletes. Studies have shown that this danger truely exists. Thus, if contaminated supplements are taken, the athlete bears full and sole responsibility.

Reasons for banned substances to appear in any kind of supplement are two-fold. Either by accident due to contaminated production facilities, or due to the producer's intention to improve the supplement's effect.

In Switzerland, supplements are governed by the national food law. Thus, manufacturers are fully responsible for quality as well as compliance with corresponding regulations. For supplements there is no official authorisation of the individual products (compared to medication that needs to be approved by Swissmedic).

Specific Examples

Banned subtances have been found in:

  • Fat Burners (promising a reduction in weight)
  • Neuro Enhancers (promising performance enhancement)
  • as well as in Muscle Growth Products.

Health Risk through Supplements

Besides possible contamination with banned substances, supplements can also be a risk to your health. This is in particular the case when taking high doses. It is therefore highly recommended to establish individual needs by consulting a specialist.

How to reduce the risk of doping through supplements?

In cases of contaminated supplements the athlete bears full and sole responsibility (so-called Strict Liability).

To reduce the risk of an inadvertent anti-doping rule violation:

  • Only consume what is necessary and determined individually
  • Always go for trustworthy Swiss manufacturers
  • Choose products intended for competitive sports
  • Do not purchase from unknown producers and do not consider ordering from abroad
  • The best risk reduction is achieved with products that are certified by certification programs such as the Cologne List or NSF Sport

Further Information

Do you have any further questions concerning supplements? If so, please do not hesitate to contact SSNS: