Antidoping Switzerland supports "PANGEA XIII" Week of Action

Public Relations

Within the framework of the international week of action "PANGEA XIII", Antidoping Switzerland participated in the control of international consignments and supported Swissmedic and the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (FCA). Consignments containing doping substances were also seized.

This year, 51 countries took part in the week of action against the illegal trading in medicines on the Internet, coordinated by Interpol and other organizations. In Switzerland, the FCA, Swissmedic and Antidoping Switzerland checked over 700 suspicious consignments. 14 consignments containing prohibited doping substances were seized as part of this action. In 2019, over 600 of such seized products were forwarded to Antidoping Switzerland.

Antidoping Switzerland is now checking the importers of these seized products. A fee of at least CHF 400 is charged for the confiscation and destruction of doping substances. If it should turn out that an importer is subject to the doping statute of Swiss Olympic (e.g. sportspeople, support personnel, officials etc.), disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against them, which may lead to a ban in sport.

Ernst König, Director of Antidoping Switzerland, adds: "The import of doping substances is prohibited. Import of large quantities of doping substances may lead to suspect of trafficking, for which the Sport Promotion Act is foreseeing sanctions ranging from fines to imprisonment".


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