New website with more help for the athletes' everyday life

Public Relations

Welcome to the new website of Antidoping Switzerland. The new features are designed to help our visitors find and understand the information they are looking for more quickly. We also offer more concrete recommended courses of action.

What is new?

  • The area of Prevention aims to show all people involved in sport what they should pay attention to in everyday life and how they can contribute to a clean and fair sport. For athletes (What Athletes Need to Know) and their support personnel (Role of Support Personnel), the most important topics are summarized on one page each.

  • The sector Medicine was significantly expanded for both athletes and health professionals. Explanations of the Doping Risk associated with medications, on the Medication Inquiry Service and on Special Topics such as asthma or infusions are intended to provide more clarity for the everyday life of athletes.
    In addition, the TUE Wizard has been introduced as a useful tool. This tool allows to determine the correct procedure for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for a specific situation in an interactive way.

  • The explanations on Testing and on Testing Pools are intended in particular to explain to athletes their rights and obligations.

  • Under Laws, people who are affected, for example, by Disciplinary proceedings or by Seizure of prohibited substances by customs or police can obtain information. The information has been simplified and clarified.

  • The Antidoping Switzerland Foundation is presented in greater detail under About us.

  • The Contact forms have been extended for the various concerns and ensure that the information or question is sent directly to the responsible department. The Report of suspicions can be transmitted anonymously and encrypted.

  • All documents can now be found directly and more easily in the Downloads section.

Your Opinion

In the future, the website will be continuously updated with pictures and videos and further topics will be explained. We are interested in the visitors’ suggestions and wishes. Take a few minutes of your time to explore our new site and tell us Your Opinion with just a few clicks.