Vaccination against COVID-19

Info for Athletes

Antidoping Switzerland recommends that athletes check, as usual, any vaccine against COVID-19 on the medication inquiry service Global DRO (via the website or mobile app).

The health and well-being of athletes is of key importance to Antidoping Switzerland. Swiss athletes should, at all times, be assured that they are not breaching the anti-doping regulations when they receive a Coronavirus vaccination.

The prohibited status of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized in Switzerland can be checked on the medication inquiry service Global DRO. This currently applies to the vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. Any COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the future will also be included in the medication inquiry service shortly after their authorization.

Antidoping Switzerland would like to remind all athletes that they should independently check that medications are permitted before using them, the same as with the COVID-19 vaccines.