Clean Winner

Online «Anti-Doping»-training

Clean Winner provides accurate information upon «Clean Sports and Doping». The program gives useful, updated anti-doping training with seven interactive modules, accessible anytime and everywhere. Each module covers a different topic and is built up of videos, tasks and facts teaching important information on anti-doping.

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Create a personal account and go through the modules either all at once or individually one after another – depending on personal interest and time available. The completion of all modules is honoured with a diploma of completion which will be sent by email.

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Overview of modules

Basic knowledge

  Doping control procedures: Athletes’ rights and responsibilities.


  The Prohibited List: What is the Prohibited List, where is it to be found and to whom does it apply.


  Consequences to health: There’s a variety of negative consequences due to doping. Learn more.


  Breach of Anti-Doping Regulations: What is considered an anti-doping rule violation and how are those sanctioned.


Special issues

  Dietary supplements: Crucial facts concerning the intake of dietary supplements.


  Whereabouts: What kind of information have to be filed. 


  Therapeutic Use Exemption: What if medical treatment with medication containing prohibited substances is needed.