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Do you have insider information that could be of interest? Together we can protect clean sport!

Any kind of indication concerning possible anti-doping rule violations can be of great relevance for our investigators. Hence, your information – even if only small – may be a decisive contribution to our fight for clean sport. Whether you wish to remain anonymous or not, your information will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Please fill in the form below. Or you can contact our investigation department directly: ermittlungen(a) or 031 550 21 27.

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Who was observed? – Persons concerned, athletes, coaches, etc.
What was observed? – Suspicious behaviour/conversations, suspicious improvements in performance, etc.
When was your observation? - Date and Time
Where was your observation? – Residential address, training, competition, etc.
How did it happen? – Course of actions, execution of actions, etc.
With what was it done? – Description of used means and/or methods (blood doping)
Why was it done? – Reason, intention, purpose, motivation, etc.

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Contact details are only used in case of necessary checkbacks. However, if you prewfer staying anonymous, no problem, just leave the boxes blank.