Retirement and Comeback


Athletes belonging to the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) of their international federation, to that of Antidoping Switzerland or to the National Testing Pool (NTP) must inform Antidoping Switzerland in writing when they end their active career in order to have their name removed from the relevant testing pool. Until Antidoping Switzerland receives such a written report, the rules for the relevant pool concerning Therapeutic Use Exemptions and whereabouts will continue to apply to the athlete.


In order to resume participation in competitions at the same performance level as before the end of their active career, athletes who have withdrawn from the RTP or the NTP must have been integrated in the testing pool to be defined by Antidoping Switzerland for a period of at least six months.

The comeback rule is based on article 5.3 of the Doping Statute of Swiss Olympic and article 5.5 of Antidoping Switzerland's regulations on testing – whereabouts requirements. The rule applies to athletes taking part in team sports and those taking part in individual sports.

Other provisions by international associations take precedence over those of the Doping Statute and the Antidoping Switzerland's regulations. It is the athletes' responsibility to contact their international federation about this matter.