SIMON whereabouts website

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Quarterly planning information 

The following binding deadlines apply to quarterly planning submissions

  • for the 1st quarter: 15 December
  • for the 2nd quarter: 15 March
  • for the 3rd quarter: 15 June
  • for the 4th quarter: 15 September

Information for individual athletes

  • Upon being included in a testing pool, athletes will be notified in writing by Antidoping Switzerland and will be issued with a user name and password for the whereabouts website. More information about testing pool classifications can be found here.
  • Athletes are required to provide the following information, along with the exact address and periods of stay:
    • home address or temporary accommodation address
    • workplace or educational/vocational training establishment 
    • training sessions and training camps
    • competitions 
    • other regular activities (such as physiotherapy)
    • journeys of two hours or more
    • a daily 60-minute time slot during which athletes must be present at the specified location (applies to RTP athletes only).
  • RTP athletes who are required to enter their whereabouts in ADAMS do not need to enter any information via SIMON.

Information for team administrators

  • The team administrator is the person in the team who bears responsibility for correctly submitting the team whereabouts information. 
  • Upon being included in a testing pool, team administrators will issued with a user name and password for the whereabouts website.
  • Whereabouts requirements differ according to the level of testing pool. For more information on testing pool classifications, please see the team sports website. Classifications are determined by Art. 4.3 of the Regulatory Statutes for Testing and Investigations (available in German and French).

Information for anti-doping officers

  • The SIMON clearing house website provides details of testing pools, the tests that have been conducted, whereabouts information, retirements, and contact information.
  • Reports can be generated independently.